Titan 4.2.0.x

Known Bug List and Workarounds

  1. When running a timed End Quarter Game, the Shutters of a Player may never open when the game ends. This problem occurs when the player goes bankrupt before the actual end time of the game.
    • Workaround: Close the Flash Player and look at the Reports Tab in the player browser to get final results.
  2. When a player goes bankrupt, before the end of the game, all other player’s Flash Shutters will no longer open. The problem is when the quarter advance requires all players to submit their plans and the bankrupt player is out of the game and can’t submit. Players will note that the bankrupt player’s name will show in RED in the ranking pane on the lower left side of the Flash.
    • Workaround: The quarter advance will have to be controlled by the Coordinator/Teacher through their Browser Control Tab’s End Quarter Button. Click the Auto Page Refresh Check box in the Game Details Pane, and watch for Done to appear under each player’s name. Once all active players display done the Coordinator will click the END QUARTER button.
  3. Player Status on Coordinator’s Computer displays NOT ONLINE, even when the player is actively playing the game. This is a database refresh issue. A page refresh may not bring back the ONLINE indication.
    • Workaround: The Coordinator will need to watch for DONE status and will have to check with the player to determine if they are still in the process of playing.
  4. When creating a game using a Custom Scenario, the Game Length defaults to 8 quarters when scenario may be more or less than 8 quarters. For example, the Custom Test Created 1-22-09 scenario is 5 quarters and selecting it will default to 8.
    • Workaround: The Coordinator/ creator will have to look at the Scenarios Tab, to determine the actual number of quarters assigned to that game and then modify the Game Length accordingly.
  5. Sometimes creating a timed advance quarter game will not complete correctly and will display a Blank Status instead of Gathering or In Q1. This Game will not start, and clicking on it will result in an Unexpected error. This problem is intermittent and may happen several times before a game will be completed correctly.
    • Workaround: The user will have to delete that game and create another game.
  6. During the playing of a game, changing the way the Quarter Advances can have adverse affects on the Player Viewer, such as their shutter never opening, or the game advancing to quarters beyond the intended number of quarters. This is a similar item # 1, above.
    • Workaround: User will need to pay close attention if they modify the End Quarter timing after a game has started. RECOMMENDATION: Don’t do this if at all possible.
  7. A user cannot delete a scenario (Custom or Canned) when it is associated with a game. The user will see a “Can't Delete Scenario as it is being used” message
    • Workaround: If a user creates a custom scenario and several games use said scenario, the scenario cannot be deleted until all those games are deleted. This may require contacting the IT Help Desk to find the names of the games associated with said scenario.
  8. In Titan 3.0 whenever a player completed a feature research, a NEWS banner appeared in the VIM display in Flash. In Titan 4.1, this message is less noticeable.
    • Workaround: All players’ New Feature News is displayed mundanely in the VIM of each player. Players will have to watch the VIM for news about when they have completed a Feature R&D. Feature completion information can be viewed in the Player Flash R&D Decision area until the Flash is closed.
  9. From the Player Browser, the [Play Game] button is still active, even after the game is being played. Clicking on this button once a game is active may result in an Unexpected Error, or will restart the player Flash, losing all submitted data.
    • Workaround: If the error condition occurs, click on the Return to My Account link, click on the game. If the Flash Player is visible, continue to play the game. Do not click on the Play Game Button if the Flash Player is active.
  10. When a coordinator makes changes to the plan incorrectly, ERROR MESSAGES are displayed in RED at the top of the Plan Edit pane. Correcting those errors will not cause the error messages to disappear. Hence, the user may have entered another invalid value.
    • Workaround: The user will need to be sure that the error condition was corrected, or the SAVE/FINISH will not take. If the condition was not corrected, the SAVE process will redisplay the error and not SAVE. If the user enters all valid information, the plan will save and return to the game detail page.
  11. Non-Public Players attempting to play challenge games result in Unexpected errors.
    • Workaround: Create a public account to play a challenge game
  12. If User performs a Browser->Tools->Internet Options->Delete operation (clears temporary internet files), and then creates a timed quarter game, when the FINISH button is clicked, the game may enter a limbo state where the status information is blank, and the game cannot be started. Clicking on the game from the Games Tab will result in an Unexpected Error. Several issues surround this problem. 1) Improper Flash operation will occur if the Browser Delete Temp file process is NOT performed and 2) Incomplete creation of games will occur if the Delete Temp file process IS performed.
    • Workaround: Retry creating a game. If the game detail shows IN Q1 the game created successfully.
  13. When creating a game, and after adding players, the player will display as link. Clicking on the Player Link takes the user to that Players Account page’s Games tab and the game creation is not completed.
    • Workaround: Do not click on a Player Link except in Users Tabs because the game the user was creating no longer exists.
  14. Flash Player Industry Summary dollar values do track to Browser Summary.
    • Workaround: Values are formatted to round to nearest whole number. Ex: 12000.75 will display as 12001, 12000.10 will display as 12000
  15. Flash Projections items in Resources & Production do not change when Plan decisions are made.
    • Workaround: None available.
  16. Advisor DO IT functionality has no automatic effect on Plan Decisions.
    • Workaround: User will have to manually change Plan decisions based on Advisor input. Clicking the DO IT button will change Projections. Modify Plan Decisions based on Projection’s value.
  17. Submissions entered when countdown timer is less than 10 seconds will not be accepted for that quarter
    • Workaround: User can ask the teacher to revert the quarter, or just make the submission when the shutters reopen.
  18. Coordinator Browser Control Tab Plans View, Production Units may show as more than Factory Capacity.
    • Workaround: This is a normal display, as the Capacity information is calculated after the final submit button, or quarter advance takes place. Has not affect on the decision